Interval-based animation (with sound)

Click + drag for fun.

Speeding Up ExternalInterface: Keep .swf in view

SoundManager 2 now incorporates a "high performance" mode, which has been shown to noticeably improve timing and frequency of flash callbacks. This is important for timing, reducing delay between a JS call and the sound being played, etc.

To reduce audio delay and timing issues from slow JS/Flash communication, SM2 will try to ensure that the flash movie is visible on screen at all times. If hidden or otherwise off-screen, Flash will be given lower priority and thus JS/flash "lag" (ie., delay) will be introduced when trying to play audio "in sync."

Generally, positioning the flash movie using position:fixed and bottom/left or bottom/right 0px is the less-intrusive option.

Throw from mouse

Sound source: "Acclivity", Free Sound Project