SoundManager 2 / page as a playlist, basic template (flash 8)

For alternate themes, add the class to the playlist UL - eg. <ul class="playlist dark"> or <ul class="playlist bubblegum">; the base default is <ul class="playlist">.

A reminder that if loading from the local filesystem, Flash will deny access to remote (network/internet) URLs by default unless whitelisted via the Flash Player Global Security Settings Page. Some URLs in this example are remote to demonstrate this.

Note that by default, the Flash 8 version is used and therefore Flash 9-only features such as the VU meter, waveform etc. are not available. Refer to the main "page player" demo for configuration examples, or view the source of page-player.js for the configuration object (similar to that used in SoundManager 2 itself.)

SoundManager 2 project